32I am an average woman with typical demands on my life — family, work, pet gerbils, and now a continuing ed course that is keeping me busy — and blogging! But no matter what is happening, I’ve made a commitment to myself to stay balanced by moving my body often, lifting heavy things, and striving to eat mostly good stuff.

And a little ice cream.

I spent most of my life — since puberty — hating my own body. That’s 30 years of negativity and self-loathing every time I looked in the mirror. Sounds ridiculous when I say it out loud, but I think poor self-image is a pretty common theme for many women (and some men too), and it shouldn’t be.

Join me as I talk about how I’m changing my own perception of self, how discovering my own strength has helped me to embrace my body, and how sometimes normal life affects that journey.

Through it all, I’ve discovered that seeking perfection is exhausting and stressful. Striving for a balanced approach and attitude has enabled me to be my happiest and healthiest self, and I hope I can inspire a few others to find this same balance.

As you follow along, please share your own stories. I’d love to hear from you!

Photo by Every Little Photo