The Balanced Barbell

Because perfection is boring.

Quadzilla’s Revenge

When you celebrate what your body can do instead of agonizing over how it looks, your world changes. Continue reading “Quadzilla’s Revenge”


Macro Counting: An Ode to Lucky Charms

I’ve been lying.

There, I said it. Now you know.

I’ve been lying to myself for months and it’s time to come clean. Continue reading “Macro Counting: An Ode to Lucky Charms”

Refuse This Nonsense

“Embrace your body; discover what it can do; find your natural strengths and highlight them; do things that make you feel good; become the best damn version of yourself. And encourage every other woman to do the same.”
– Nia Shanks

Continue reading “Refuse This Nonsense”

The Path to Love and Balance

It’s rare that we’re blessed with a 15 degree C day in the middle of February here in southwestern Ontario, but yesterday we were lucky. It was a perfect sunny-and-blue-sky kind of day. I had planned to get to the gym in the afternoon, but it was definitely not the kind of day I wanted to spend inside Continue reading “The Path to Love and Balance”

Spin-Class Loathers Unite

I was out with a friend for an after-work drink this week when we got onto the topic of exercise and gyms. Her goal, like so many, is to lose fat and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. However, there was one thing standing in her way. She told me, “I hate working out.”

Record scratch…

Wait a second.

Continue reading “Spin-Class Loathers Unite”

Her Body

I once knew a young girl who was happy and carefree, who loved to do cartwheels in her front yard, ride her bicycle to the park, make up dance routines to her favourite songs, and swim in her neighbour’s pool. She loved herself, and didn’t think twice about her body. Her body could do whatever it wanted. Continue reading “Her Body”

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