True or false – breakfast is the best meal of the day? No need to answer. We all know the answer – true! (What?! You don’t agree? Leave me a comment below. I need to understand how anyone can possibly feel this way about the first wonderful meal of the day.)

Most mornings, the first thought that pops into my head and catapults me out of my cozy bed is, “What am I going to make for breakfast today?” I love breakfast. LOVE it. And for me, breakfast almost always means eggs.

For years I was a cereal girl. I was raised on big bowls of Raisin Bran and Corn Flakes. (And I’ve already mentioned my love of Lucky Charms here.) But store-bought breakfast cereal no longer meets my nutritional goals when it comes to macros – which is just another way of saying that a bowl of cereal does not contain enough protein or healthy fats to keep me feeling full and satisfied until lunchtime. Most cereals leave me ravenous before I’ve even left the house for work. And by 9:30am,  I’m snacking on something I probably shouldn’t.

Close up photo of two fried eggs, sunny side up
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Enter eggs, quite possibly the healthiest food on the planet.

Eggs are simple but versatile, which makes them an ideal food for your first meal of the day—or any meal for that matter.

(And no, eggs don’t cause high cholesterol. For years, poor eggs have gotten a bad rap and were accused of raising cholesterol levels, but in fact, dietary cholesterol doesn’t increase your body’s cholesterol in the same way healthy dietary fat doesn’t make you fat.)

When I first began looking for a cereal-and-toast breakfast alternative about five years ago, eggs were not high on my list. I prefer sweeter foods and eating a plate of salty, sunny-side-up eggs first thing in the morning was not at all appealing. Since then, I have come to enjoy some savoury omelets and egg bakes, but most mornings, I like my eggs on the sweeter side.

I thought I’d share my top five favourite ways to enjoy eggs with you, none of which are plain old poached or soft-boiled eggs (although these are tasty too!). Some of these suggestions may sound odd to you, or maybe they sound like something you’d like to try or have already tried. But I promise that at least one person (me) finds them all delicious.

If you’re looking for a way to get more protein into your morning meal, look no further.

The Balanced Barbell’s Five Favourite Ways to Enjoy Eggs

Fruit Omelet

Whisk an egg with extra egg whites (or more whole eggs if you prefer), a dash of vanilla, and a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. Throw in a handful of your favourite fruit such as unsweetened coconut flakes, blueberries, thinly sliced ripe banana, or sautéed apple slices and cook like a regular omelet.

Veggie Nests

Sauté shredded Brussels sprouts or grated sweet potato, and season to your liking (smoked paprika is amazing with sweet potato!). When the veggies are cooked, make two little nests in the pan and crack an egg into each. Cook until the eggs are set, or place under the broiler for firmer eggs.

Breakfast Pizza

Photo of hand holding a small slice of breakfast pizzaEggs can make a delicious pizza crust. And who doesn’t love pizza for breakfast?

Whisk eggs (I use straight eggs whites here) with a tablespoon or two of ground flax, garlic powder, salt and pepper, and Italian herbs. Cook this to create a thin “crust” and once it’s set, top with your favourite pizza sauce, toppings, and a bit of cheese. Broil until the cheese is melted. Note – you might not be able to pick this pizza up with your hands like this, so have your fork ready.

French Toast in a Mug

This doesn’t exactly taste like real French Toast, but it’s still good.

Beat one egg with two tablespoons of ground flax, one-quarter teaspoon each of cinnamon and baking powder, a teaspoon of oil, and a tablespoon of raisins. Microwave for one minute to create a bread-like muffin. I like to slice mine in half, spread on a little cream cheese on it, and drizzle with a bit of maple syrup.

The Favourite – “Banana Goo” Omelet

Photo of an omelet with a banana peanut butter filling on a white plate with a coffee cupThis is my favourite, go-to breakfast most mornings. I can’t seem to get enough of it.

It starts with a cooked omelet of eggs and egg whites, cinnamon, and vanilla. While that’s cooking, I mash about a third of a partially thawed frozen banana with two tablespoons of powdered peanut butter, such as PB2, to make what I affectionately refer to as “banana goo.” Once the eggs are cooked, I spread the goo on one half of the eggs and fold the eggs over. The result is an omelet filled with a delicious peanut-butter-banana-flavoured cream that makes me really happy and fills me up for hours.

Of course, if you hate eggs but still want to enjoy a balanced and filling meal, you might choose to have another protein for breakfast. There are no rules stating you must eat traditional breakfast foods for breakfast. Have leftover salmon and veggies from last night’s dinner? What a great breakfast choice. Want something warm and filling – why not that soup or stew sitting in your fridge? Think of breakfast as just another meal and start your day with whatever balanced choices you want.

What’s your favourite way to enjoy eggs? Tell me all about it below.