I’ve had yoga on the brain for some time now. Maybe almost a year.

I haven’t actually been practicing yoga, but I have been thinking about practicing yoga. (Close enough, right?)

Over the years, I have participated in the odd yoga class here and there and enjoyed the experience every time. I know that the slow but powerful movements are an excellent complement to my regular strength training routine, and the quiet, contemplative nature of the practice is good for my soul and mind. Re-introducing yoga would definitely bring me more balance.

However, adding an hour-long session at a local yoga studio is also going to disrupt my already precariously balanced schedule. So, maybe doing yoga would lead to less balance.

But sometimes the Universe sends you a sign, nudging you along right when you need that extra little push.

About a month ago, one of my favorite health and fitness professionals, Neghar Fonooni, announced she was launching a yoga program for people like me.

Neghar is a self-described meathead yogi – a person who loves their iron as much as they love their yoga poses. Her new program, Wildfire Yoga, is a collection of brief (we’re talking 10 minutes or less) and simple yoga flows for people who don’t have time for an hour-long class, lifters who want to increase flexibility and mobility, or those who need to add some balance to their already busy lives.

I definitely fall under all of the above.

I immediately signed up when the program became available last week and am excited to get started.

The Wildfire program is not free, but you can still try one of Neghar’s earlier yoga quickies, as she called them, here.

Yoga, even brief sessions like these, can help with post-workout recovery, help you listen to your body, teach you good breathing techniques, and increase strength – all of which, in turn, can make your gym sessions even better.

So I’m going to give it a try. Now! Yes, right now.

[Initially I was going to try it tomorrow, or the next day after that. But I thought, what are you waiting for? Why not try it NOW. Sure, it’s 11:50pm on a Monday night, but what the heck? Excuse me while I step onto my yoga mat for a few minutes…don’t go away.]

I’m back — and it was wonderful! I did a seven-minute flow called “Vulnerability” (because blog writing makes me feel vulnerable) and I feel fantastic right now.

Was I super flexible and bendy in my first session? No. Was I bit wobbly in spots? Absolutely.

But what I love most about practicing yoga is just that – it’s a practice. With each flow I will learn something new about myself, help my body do even more, and continue to bring more balance into my life.

What can you do today to create more balance for yourself?