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Our Mothers and Our Bodies: Breaking the Cycle of Negative Self-Image

We inherit many things from our mothers. From physical similarities that are gifted to us through our genetics to personality traits and notions of self that we mimic and learn as we grow up in their shadows, our moms pass a lot of things down to us whether we like it or not.

My mother passed on to me many physical characteristics, like the shape of her face, her petite physique, and her sturdy legs. And from my mom I learned that what other people think of your appearance matters more than how you feel about yourself. Continue reading “Our Mothers and Our Bodies: Breaking the Cycle of Negative Self-Image”

Freedom to Change Your Goals

I’m getting much better at listening to my gut and to my body. When you’re stubborn like I am, that’s tough to do. But last month, I listened to both and stopped lifting heavy, and I’m so happy I did. Continue reading “Freedom to Change Your Goals”

Into Uncharted Territory

If you didn’t already know, I started this blog as part of a continuing education course I was taking. The course, which just wrapped up last week, was on digital communications and social media – a field I’m really interested in, but only had a general knowledge of.

I remember reviewing the course description the week before class began and getting really nervous about some of the unfamiliar things I would be doing. So much of it was uncharted territory for me. Continue reading “Into Uncharted Territory”

Light-Bulb Moments, Part 2: Always Something

In my last post, I talked about a light-bulb moment that I recently experienced at the 12th Annual Exercise and Nutrition Symposium at Western University. In his talk about how different types of exercise affect our appetites. Dr. Tom Hazell referred to the concept of “exercise snacking,” which has totally changed how I view movement and activity between my gym workouts.

However, there was another session that day that really opened my eyes Continue reading “Light-Bulb Moments, Part 2: Always Something”

Light-Bulb Moments, Part 1: Exercise Snacking

Don’t you love those moments when you learn a new concept or hear an idea that flips a switch in your brain and completely inspires you to make a change for the better?

I love them. Those light-bulb moments thrill me. Continue reading “Light-Bulb Moments, Part 1: Exercise Snacking”

Last weekend I spent my entire Saturday sitting in a lecture hall listening to eleven different speakers talk about nutrition, exercise, and mindset. And I loved it.

Check out a few of the highlights here.

An Eggcellent Breakfast

True or false – breakfast is the best meal of the day? No need to answer. We all know the answer – true! (What?! You don’t agree? Leave me a comment below. I need to understand how anyone can possibly feel this way about the first wonderful meal of the day.)

Most mornings, the first thought that pops into my head and catapults me out of my cozy bed is, “What am I going to make for breakfast today?” I love breakfast. LOVE it. And for me, breakfast almost always means eggs. Continue reading “An Eggcellent Breakfast”

We Are Enough

This week we celebrated International Women’s Day, a day that recognizes women’s achievements and shines a light on our continued struggles for gender equality. Continue reading “We Are Enough”

Going with the Flow

I’ve had yoga on the brain for some time now. Maybe almost a year.

I haven’t actually been practicing yoga, but I have been thinking about practicing yoga. (Close enough, right?) Continue reading “Going with the Flow”

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